The windows on your home are more than just a window on the world, they enhance the appearance of your home while improving your comfort inside. ENERGY STAR qualified windows help to keep more comfortable and they maintain constant indoor temperature without loss of energy.

Doors and windows Novoprestige offers a wide selection of windows combining quality and durability that is custom-made to your needs. Our products are available in a variety of materials and colors to suit all tastes and all budgets. Meet one of our expert advisors who will advise you on the type of window that will enhance the value of your property. Also, enjoy professional installation service performed by experienced installers with years of experience. See some of our recent projects

Windows for every taste and every budget

Choose from energy-efficient windows, ENERGY STAR certified, PVC, HYBRID or DOUBLENATURE, single thermos glazing, double, triple or Low-E argon gas.

PVC windows

Fenêtre en PVC

Style: a window made 100% of PVC.
Insulation: multi-chamber structure with three or four weather-strippings to ensure a perfect seal.
Glazing: single glass, double, triple or glass thickness 3/8 to 1 in.
Advantages: The best product in terms energy efficiency and the best quality / price ratio.

Hybrid windows (PVC and aluminum)

Fenêtre Hybride (PVC et aluminium)

Style: a window made of a PVC frame whose exterior is covered with aluminum.
Insulation: multi-chamber structure with multiple weather-stripping to eliminate air infiltration.
Glazing: single glass, double, triple or glass thickness 3/8 to 1 in.
Advantages: the thermal performance of PVC is combined with the strength and aesthetics of aluminum. The aluminum coating also offers a greater variety of colors.

Fenetres hybrides


Fenêtre DOUBLENATURE (en bois)

Style: a window made of PVC with very realistic appearance of wood.
Insulation: Combined multi-chamber structure with multiple weather-stripping to ensure perfect airtightness.
Glazing: single glass, double, triple or glass thickness 3/8 to 1 in.
Advantages: The finished look of wood resembling mahogany, oak, walnut or pecan walleye can be applied both on the internal and external parts. UV resistant and maintenance free.

Fenetres double nature

Casement window

Fenêtre à manivelle

A window that opens on the side facing out using a crank mechanism. This type of window provides excellent ventilation since it opens completely. It's multi-stripping design and ultra secure multipoint locking system ensures maximum air tightness and maximum safety.

Contemporary in appearance, casement and awning can be combined with other windows to create spectacular layouts.

Awning window

Fenêtre auvent

The awning window also has a crank mechanism and opens to the outside, but the flap opens upwards, rather than sideways. This opening mode allows to ventilate the house even in the rain. This type of window is ideal as a basement window or in front of the kitchen sink.

Hung window

Fenêtre guillotine

A traditional style window with two bunk shutters that slide over each other creating no interference when open. Aspects of this type of window can swing inward thus facilitating cleaning.

Featuring a simple mecanism, hung (sash) windows and sliding windows are easy to use and maintain

Sliding window

Fenêtre coulissante

The sliding window also has two flaps which slide on each other, but in a horizontal rather than vertical. Called single sliding window which only a window shutter can open and sliding double windows whose two components are mobile. This type of window is an economical solution since it requires little long-term maintenance.

Bay window

Fenêtre en baie

The bay window is a combination of three windows with angled sides. This type of window exceeds the surface of the outer wall by extending the room to the outside to maximize the views and input brightness. Generally, the two ends of the window are casement or sash. This type of window can also comprise a shelf inside or installed without the shelf to allow the circulation close to the window.

True design elements, bay windows and bow windows provide outstanding brightness and add style and value to a home.

Bow window

Fenêtre en arc

The bow window is also a combination of windows, but it includes four equal parts and assembled more dimensions with rounded corners creating the illusion of a bow piece which extends outwards. This type of window can also have a shelf that can serve as a bench to sit or shelf for houseplants.


Special shape window

Fenêtre sur mesure

Special shape windows are custom made in various dimensions and geometric shapes. Generally fixed (non-working) are used for an additional contribution of light or an architectural addition to doors and windows. It is also possible to produce irregular shapes of windows or working geometric shapes of windows.

Unique and original in appearance, architectural windows add a special touch to a property.

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